Used materials

32 g/m2 nonwoven fabric is used for the production of dispensable flat filters used in small dairy farms. This allows to obtain optimally fast milk flow and very high effectiveness in milk filtration and separation of larger contaminating substances as straw, cow hair, etc.

The filters made of 32 g/m2 nonwoven fabric are featured with optimally fast flow of healthy milk. The milk from a bad, sick udder with above 500,000 somatic cells slows down the filtration rate as the number of such cell increases until the milk flow through the filter is completely stopped (it makes possible to react quickly if the udder is in morbidity state).

The filters made of 32 g/m2 nonwoven fabric have high filtration capability, the result of the test for the “C” absorption capacity was 201. This indicates that apart from the separation of contaminates the filters made of that nonwoven fabric are a helpful tool for the milk producers to obtain milk of high quality. Technical parameters: thickness 100/0.5 kPa 160/210, air permeability l/m2/s – 4,750, tear resistance N/m 933 (dry), 533 (wet), extensibility (wet) 8%. The nonwoven fabrics used for the production of tubular filters are selected appropriately to the needs of our customers. At present we can offer 5 various nonwoven fabrics with different basic weight: from 60 up to 120 g/m2.

The process of the manufacture of tubular filters for a given customer starts from the specification of the needs and individual preferences of a given customer and the selection of requested material. Then the basic weight of the nonwoven fabric to be used is adapted. On the later stage the stitch type is determined and the type of threads to trim filters. All the materials used for production are permitted for contact with food and guarantee the highest filter manufacturing standards.

For the washing/disinfecting towels the 30 or 40 g/m2 nonwoven fabric is used, with different degree of the smoothens of the top surface. We have in our offer two types of nonwoven fabrics for the production of washing towels: one completely smooth, and the other with larger fibres that form a rough surface which increases the possibility of the washing of cow’s udder with the towels saturated with appropriate washing/disinfecting agent.

The towels we manufacture can be saturated with any washing/disinfecting agent adapted to the individual needs of the customer.