About the company

AgroD s.c. (equiv. to Private Partnership) is a family company with their seat in the scenic land of Beskid Sądecki in Nowy Sącz. The production plant is located in the town of Podegrodzie.

The company is the manufacturer of milk filters and specializes in this brand. We manufacture both: disk filters for small dairy farms, and tubular filters for medium and big milk producers who are equipped with hose milking machines or have milking halls of any type. The filters we manufacture are made of various types of fibre The type of the nonwoven fabric is selected depending of our customers’ needs. In special cases a new raw material composition of the nonwoven fabric is developed.

We have been engaged in the production of those filters continually since 1997. From 2000 we run the production in a new building especially designed and built for this purpose, thus the products intended for direct contact with food, and this requires many sanitary hygiene procedures to be met. We sell our filters all over Poland and also in Europe and distribute them through our dealerships that provide their milk suppliers with various equipment, as well as the trading venues operating in their areas. We are also a supplier of big nationwide companies involved in a comprehensive supply of dairy farms.

In 2004 Agrod expanded their offer by washing/disinfecting towels.

Since our products are intended for direct contact with food the entire production process is run under the supervision of SANEPID (Sanitary-Epidemiological Station). Personnel, rooms, materials, packagings and other stuff is/are appropriately certified and permitted for this kind of production. Also our filters are properly certified for the use in dairy farms.

We invite all those willing to cooperate in the scope of the distribution and selling of milk filters in their area of activity. After a telephone contact we will set the terms and conditions of our further cooperation. Filters can be packed in customers’ packagings as well as packed in packagings with a private brand printed inscription of a particular dealer according to his/her requests. All questions and inquires can be sent by e-mail, phone or letters at the numbers and address given in this website.